Fresh Ideas

Why not get creative with your next campaign? Take a look at these memorable campaign ideas that feature branded merchandise, or just contact us to take advantage of our creative expertise.
Heart Pedometer

Host a “Trade Show Marathon” contest at your next show! ¬†Give away this branded heart pedometer and award prizes for the first person to return to your booth after reaching a certain number of steps. This campaign has two benefits: getting people to your booth multiple times and promoting wellness (which makes it great for the health care industry).


Pocket Journal

Try printing a QR code on a branded product that has a flat surface, like this affordable, full-color journal. The code could link recipients to a landing page with some kind of incentive or coupon that they have to fill out a form to access, which helps you collect customer data. Great for consumer brands.


Bright Drawstring Backpack

For an attention-getting event campaign, give recipients something that’s both inexpensive and highly visible (like this brightly colored backpack) that they can wear during the event for a chance to win a prize if they’re spotted wearing it. They’re walking billboards for your brand! Try this for trade shows, concerts, festivals, conferences, etc.

Dyson Air Multiplier

Send an e-mail to your current clients asking for a certain number of referrals to either automatically receive a prize (a great banded giveaway, of course) or be entered to win a higher-end branded gift like this incredibley striking blameless fan. You’ll find new clients AND increase retention of your existing clients because your logo will be on their prize!


Parafoil Kite

Give employees this kite as a wellness initiative for summer. Not only is it a unique and memorable gift, it encourages employees to get outside and be active, and it’s especially fun for employees with kids. This product would also be great for outdoor events.


Bamboo Pen

Even filling out paperwork can be an opportunity for branding. For example, a real estate company could give a client this elegant branded pen at closing as a commemorative gift to celebrate their new home. For even more impact, pair it with a branded folder for the client to store their paperwork.


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With over 30 years of working inside and outside printing, promotional and marketing companies, Jamie Bradley helps clients source and produce great marketing materials. He writes these occasional blogs to share ideas on how to create better and more effective products.

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