Custom Marketing

Smart organizations know that their image extends beyond their web site and printed brochures. They have trade show displays, decorated apparel and promotional products that are each an extension of their brand.

Here’s what people like you tell us about their experiences working with these materials.

  • They’re not sure if the products they purchase are right for their brand
  • Items are chosen based on what someone likes, rather than using a planned strategy
  • Last minute orders raise product and shipping costs that eat into budgets
  • Products arrive that don’t match the catalog photo, or are made cheaply

Sophwell eliminates these issues by working closely with you to understand the objectives of your custom marketing items. We speak the language that fabricators use and convey your vision to them.

  • Provide constructive input and product suggestions
  • Offer product research for and show samples of materials before you buy
  • Develop unified programs for ordering, storing and distributing products
  • Coordinate projects requiring multiple vendors so that you only need to communicate with one point of contact to get the answers you need.

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