Distribution Programs

Producing materials that brand your company is just the beginning. Those materials need to get into the hands of your clients, prospects and donors.

Dimensional mail packages getting prepped for shipmentHere’s what people like you tell us about their experiences mailing and distributing their products.

  • Postage rates are high, but the post office requirements to get discounts are confusing
  • Responding to information and product requests from the field takes a lot of staff time
  • Last minute requests cause skyrocketing costs that eat into budgets
  • Materials get lost or damaged because there’s no secure, organized storage area
  • No one realizes that inventory is low until the last item is gone
  • Items don’t get where they should because of a lack of communication between parties

Sophwell minimizes these issues by closely managing both production and distribution of your materials. Here’s how.

  • We provide constructive input to your design team on how to take advantage of available postage discounts.
  • We coordinate projects requiring multiple vendors so that you only need to communicate with one point of contact to get the answers you need.
  • If your collection of marketing materials is difficult to manage, we set up online ordering and fulfillment systems to streamline the process.

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