Marketing Automation

The creative ideas still in your head aren’t helping your business. Until you streamline your marketing, those ideas will never see the light of day.

Introduce yourself to prospects before you pick up the phoneA basic requirement of successful marketing is consistency. The challenge many businesses face is finding the time to implement ongoing marketing programs that build success over time.

Sophwell helps organizations solve this problem. We work with your marketing team to develop automated programs that require very little effort on your part once established. You tell who should get your materials and we take care of the rest.

Here are some examples of the program we offer.

Lead Generation

Looking for a way to leverage your social media outreach to get prospects to opt in to your marketing system? We develop incentives that build a connection before your salespeople even pick up the phone.

Referral Programs

Organizations understand that their best prospects are referred by other satisfied customers. Very few companies implement an effective way to reward customers who recommend them. We create a programs that provide special benefits to the people who bring you more business.

New Client Welcome/Thank You Programs

Most organizations don’t take time to tell new clients they appreciate their business, missing a huge opportunity. New clients want to feel good about selecting you. Making them feel welcome will motivate them to spend more with you and encourage others to do the same.

Client Reactivation Programs

Sometimes customers move on because their needs change, or because they found a better deal elsewhere. Often it’s simply because you didn’t give them a reason to stay. We’ll help you develop a creative program that reaches out with an incentive to come back.

Print On Demand

In a world where information changes quickly, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to print marketing materials in large quantities. Ordering materials as they are needed reduces waste, keeps information current, and goes easier on your budget. It can also be personalized for each site or individual, keeping your marketing message local. Sophwell offers online ordering and customization of your standard materials.

Business Card Ordering Program

One of our most popular programs for mid-size and large organizations is our online business card ordering system. Gone are the days of waiting for proofs, waiting for employees to approve their proofs, and waiting for the corrections to be reproofed while everyone waits for their cards. An office administrator or the employees themselves enter the contact info, approve the instant proof on screen and send the order to production.

Our clients have saved thousands of dollars in labor, design and printing costs by implementing this system. Many also appreciate the option to order cards when hiring new employees so that cards are on the person’s desk their first day.

Company Stores

Most organizations that use promotional products and apparel typically have a closet somewhere full of stuff. When anyone in the field needs something from that closet, someone from marketing needs to collect the materials and ship them out. This takes them away from the rest of their duties.

We develop company stores that allow clients to view and order materials online, where we have them either produced on demand or shipped from the inventory that we store for you. Your staff can focus on serving your customers rather than being shipping clerks.

Employee Health and Safety Programs

Taking care of the well-being of your employees makes for a more productive, profitable work environment. Sophwell will work with you to develop incentives that help keep your employees working at their best.

Badge Ordering

Security has become an ingrained part of many organizations. We offer the ability to imprint custom badges on demand at very reasonable costs and have them in your hands within a few days.