Shopping for promotional items online takes time. Calling us doesn’t.

Product research

Hunting down sources for new products can take hours or days of research – a tough challenge when you have a lot of other things on your plate. Rather than calling and emailing lots of different vendors, you can call on us to do your detective work.

Identify products to achieve goals

When you use products as an incentive to motivate others, it helps to know time-tested strategies that have been proven to work. We can offer suggestions from our own experience and provide case studies of how other companies have been successful.

Dimensional Mail

The best way to get prospects to open your direct mail is to skip the envelope and go with a package with a unique item inside. We help you source the products, packaging, printing and fulfillment.

Ensure products are environmentally safe

Many common promotional items provided by companies come from overseas sources where product safety and environmental regulations are lax. Did you know that if you give away improperly labeled promotional items to a client in California your company can be fined tens of thousands of dollars? We help make sure you are covered.

Company stores

Organizations with a widely dispersed work force often discover each location acts on its own to purchase marketing materials, resulting in higher costs and an inconsistent message. Centralized ordering online through a company store helps reduce costs through ordering efficiency, enforces brand uniformity, and relieves marketing staff from fulfillment and shipping responsibilities.