More mailing regulation changes threaten discounts

toolguyIn their continuing efforts to streamline automated mail processing, the Post Office is implementing new guidelines for addressing “Flat” mail. (See my last post, Postal regulation changes coming in May?)

Flat mail is anything larger than the post office “Letter” mail size (up to 6.125″ x 11.5″) up to a maximum of 12″ x 15″. These changes apply to items like catalogs, newsletter and magazines for both First Class and Standard Mail. They don’t apply to items like letters and postcards

I have posted pdf downloads of the new standards below. If you ignore these changes, you are likely to lose presort discounts and drive up the cost of your mailing.The changes aren’t that drastic, so take a few minutes to download these two pdf files and make sure you are in compliance when designing your next product for the mail. They go into effect March 29, 2009.

Click to download

Flats Fact Sheet for First Class Mail
Flats Fact Sheet for Standard Mail

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