Print on Demand Ordering Programs

Traditional methods of ordering printed materials are often wasteful, eating into budgets and dumping more materials into the waste stream.

Companies try to guess future demand when they order, attempting to reduce their unit cost. The problem with this approach is when they don’t take into account the hidden expense of material storage, lost opportunity cost on the dollars spent, and the wasted value of the materials thrown away when they become outdated.

Sophwell  minimizes these issues with a print on demand website for your organization.

  • Items are created using an approved template that can be modified for different versions of the same document like data sheets or business cards.
  • Quantities are ordered as they are needed by the end users, rather than requiring someone from marketing to interrupt their work schedule to pack and ship materials.
  • Materials are always printed from the latest version, rather than waiting to run out of the outdated items.
  • Mailing lists can be integrated into production so that your promotions go directly into the mail as soon as printing is completed.

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